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Toll Free: 877-774-5837
Alabama: 251-343-1838
Fax: 251-343-1848
Tennessee: 615-351-5407

Why Recycle Film and E-Waste

What are your hours?
8am to 4pm CST Monday thru Friday

Where are you located?
Home Office is located Mobile,Alabama
with a branch office in Nashville,Tennessee

What are your payment terms?
Typical transactions with clients are paid within 14 days.
Some cases may be next day dependent on your special situation.

Can we be paid in physical metal?

Do you do file stripping?
Yes, a small fee is involved.

Who arranges shipping?
May Metals arranges shipping and pick up in all cases unless requested otherwise.

Will you do a Corporate or a Non-Profit Electronic Scrap event?
Yes, we love working with our community leaders for eco friendly fundraising events.

How much lead time do you need for a Electronic Scrap collection event?
Typically at least a month, but that isn't always the case.

What is the best way to contact you regarding any of your services?
Home office- toll free at 1-877-774-5837 or our Tennessee Office at 615-351-5407

Why Recycle Film and E-Scrap?

There are three good reasons to recover silver from lithographic, photographic, and x-ray film processing solutions:  conservation of a precious metal, economic return, and environmental concerns.
Silver is a precious metal used in many industrial products. A prime example is photographic film that uses silver because of its unmatched quality as a light-sensitive material for creating a photographic image. Unlike many other natural resources, silver is not destroyed in the photographic process and can be recovered and re-used.

Increased public awareness of the consequences of environmental pollution has given rise to more stringent regulations governing the discharge of many materials. As a result, a reduction in the amount of silver discharged in photographic effluent is required
to comply with federal, state, and local codes. Often, this can be achieved using a silver recovery system. Because silver is a valuable element, recovery can be economically profitable.
Electronic Waste is much the same. With precious metals,mercury and lead in small amounts that are in our computers, PDA's, cell phones and other electronic devices, over time they are and have become a landfill and pollution problem to our ecosystem. Not being properly reclaimed, our waterways and streams are becoming toxic with allowance of these items that are continuing in large numbers year over year to pile up in our landfills. Remember, the more that can be recycled from our daily usage is just a little less that has to be mined from Mother Earth.

May Metals Inc. is dedicated to helping our clients become more profitable and Eco-Friendly at the same time.

May Metals Inc. can assist you in enhancing your bottom line through Precious and Base Metal recovery. Serious inquires are best served by calling our toll free number at (877) 774-5837 or our Tennessee office at 615-351-5407.

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