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Toll Free: 877-774-5837
Alabama: 251-343-1838
Fax: 251-343-1848
Tennessee: 615-351-5407

Serviced/Accepted Items

Having many years of Precious Metals and Silver Recovery experience and a pinpoint focus on data privacy and maximization of material extraction, we feel May Metals Inc. should be your first pick to remove Electronic Waste from your home or office.

We are a Precious Metals and Electronic Waste organization that works not only with the public, but are well versed in data privacy for Hospitals, Schools, Medical and Dental facilities as well as the manufacturing Industries.

May Metals Inc. can consult your company on the disposal of electronic waste and the assurance of data destruction and the transportation of materials that will meet your needs and be mindful of the environment at the same time. Below are a list of items May Metals Inc. will accept but is not limited to for your e-Waste needs.


• Consumer electronics/IT Equipment
• Computer Towers
• CPU's
• Monitors (Monochrome,
   small fee may apply)
• Servers and Main Frames
• Televisions (small fee may apply)
• Printers
• Fax Machines
• Network Equipment
• Electronic parts and components
• Lab and test equipment
• Enterprise IT Equipment
• Printed Circuit Boards
• Telecommunications/Network Equipment
• Cell Phones
• Cell phone destruction
• PDA destruction
• Corded Medical Devices
• Stereo Equipment
• Projectors
• PDA's
• Laminating Machines
• Video Equipment
• Scanners
• CDs/DVDs

May Metals Inc. can assist you in enhancing your bottom line through Precious and Base Metal recovery. Serious inquires are best served by calling our toll free number at (877) 774-5837 or our Tennessee office at 615-351-5407.

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